From a shopping perspective we are swiftly approaching one of the most dangerous times of year.  “Why?” you ask.  Well, the skies are constantly gray, there’s a good chance of more snow before winter is over, and we are therefore easy prey for “wishful thinking syndrome”.  As we sit daydreaming about summer, in the abstract way that you do when you’re bored and have finished staring at the icicles covering your neighbor’s kitchen window, W.T.S. hits and we’re suddenly filled with longing for clothes and accessories that fulfill our summer dream scenarios.   

Bikinis that would be perfect for lounging on a yacht; were it not for the fact that the last boat we owned was when we were five (and which sailed around our bathtub).  Sandals that suggest lazy days wandering on the beach, yet most of our time will be spent strolling down city streets for which they’re wholly inappropriate.  Suddenly, insidiously, W.T.S. sufferers find themselves with a perfect summer wardrobe; unfortunately it’s for someone with a completely different lifestyle.   

What causes normally rational people to fall prey to W.T.S.?  The fact that fall and winter require a level of realism when it comes to purchases (unless you live in an extremely mild climate or don’t mind hypothermia) but summer allows fashion schizophrenia to take control.  This year however, before W.T.S. strikes, take a step back and consider “how many times will I actually ever wear that kaftan?”

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.