One of the few positive results of the economic downturn is that it has forced me to “closet shop” – a phrase that I previously would have greeted with the same enthusiasm as “dumpster dive” – and take a hard look at all those things that were beloved in the changing room, purchased, and then shoved in the back of a closet.  I realized how large my stash of relatively unworn clothing is when I recently perused Net-a-Porter and paused to admire a pair of Church’s Burwood brogues. 

Suddenly, came the niggling suspicion that they looked awfully familiar.  I realized I’d bought an identical pair (a collaboration between Ally Cappelino and Church’s) an embarrassing number of years ago, and had worn them (optimistically) ten times. 

Not that they languished unworn for any good reason.  For a while they were "too new" and therefore "too nice" for regular wear.  Then they "no longer fit my current aesthetic", and then they were in storage and therefore inaccessible.  Now, they are just not something I wear very often (for no particular reason). 

This is a sobering reminder that I need to unearth the things in the back of my closet and work with what I’ve got before I fulfill my automatic urge to buy something new.