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Boudicca, one of fashion’s most underrated labels, has my respect for a ton of reasons – but mostly because their clothes are and always have been stunning.

The design duo, who are also partners in love, have always persisted diligently toward their dream while remaining independent and staying true to themselves. The way Zowie and Brian have found their path – despite shunning many corporate sponsorship opportunities – is truly something to admire.

While they’ve had more conceptual and extravagant collections than their Fall 2002 showing, I really wanted to call attention to this one as it’s a personal favorite. I love Boudicca’s ability to bring dark and enchanting fantasies to life within their pieces and to create a very theatrical feel – but I also adore this collection for it’s harnessed fury, so to speak.

All of their signature elements are there but it’s the modesty that really adds the extra allure for me. Their cuts are always severe and clean, and in this collection we’re really allowed to focus on that.  Not to say that there is a lack of detailing – the amount of detail is perfect. The geometric detailing works so well with their sharp designs. I love the peel-away effect on some of the pieces, particularly how the underneath panel is completely contrasting. The asymmetry is also fantastic as it’s done so well.  The black on black work is lovely also – the contrasting textures add a lot of depth and volume to the silhouettes.