In recent months, the fashion lover has been faced with certain challenges when it came to covering their lower limbs.  They moved from peg leg pants, to harem pants, to genie pants, and discovered that at the exact moment when they were patting themselves on the back and offering hearty self congratulations on mastering the most unflattering style ever to be conceived, an even more unbecoming option would come into view. 
In keeping with the unflattering-bottoms trend, an even greater challenge has appeared on the horizon courtesy of Prada’s 2010 resort collection.  Not pants, per se.  Rather saggy, side knotted bikini bottoms in a style usually associated with aging lotharios in vintage holiday snaps or babies in swimming diapers (albeit in an appealing selection of Liberty fabrics).
In a few months from now it’ll be interesting to see how many people will be brave enough to attempt this look and try to make it their own.  Of course, now that the baggy pant phenomenon has reach such abbreviated lengths, even that won’t be anywhere near as fascinating as trying to figure out where the hell it can possibly go from here. 
Or could Prada’s shorts be the last hurrah, the dying gasp of overly loose leg wear?