Wedding season: it has descended upon us in a swarm of white chiffon and brightly colored J. Crew bridesmaids dresses. You’ve RSVP’d, bid adieu to those lazy summer naps in the hammock, wrapped the gifts, booked the flights, and requested time off work.
Now what? 
Oh, right–what will you wear? 
First of all, take a look at your invite. The “where” can offer a lot of information about the expected formality of attire. In spring and summertime nuptials, nearly anything goes for location: Rose gardens, barns, fairgrounds, someone’s back yard, sailing boats, and (occasionally) churches.
If the wedding is to be held outdoors, odds are you can go more casual and weather-comfort conscious: sleeveless options in breathable fabrics like light cottons, silk, and modal are ideal for hot days and can always be combined with shawls, cardigans, or light jackets in preparation for cooler evenings or more inclement weather. 
For something elegant, try a floor length dress:
Though it’s commonly accepted that wearing either all-white or all-black is gauche, the combination can be striking:
Or, live up the joyous occassion and sunny season in color:

Shoes pose a whole new dilemma.

Unless you are absolutely positive that you will never once be setting foot upon sod, grate, or hay, you shouldn’t go anywhere near that pair of stilettos. Since you’re bound to wander off the sidewalk at some point, heels are rarely practical for an extended day in nice weather. Spinning vivaciously on the dance floor is more enjoyable when you aren’t dragging around clumps of dirt. 
If you’d like a little boost, Pink Studio makes a wedge that is classic in style and modern in color:

Or, you can go all-out funky with these platform shoes from Chinese Laundry:

And after a couple of trips to the open bar, you’ll never regret the decision to leave the heels at home…