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Just when we got use to the idea of a toilet paper wedding dress contest, another fashion design competition with a twist has just announced its winning designs.

In its ninth year, the 2009 Duck Tape ‘Stuck at Prom’ contest has me questioning the lengths people will go to win a contest after the winners’ photos were released. The amount of time and imagination that would have gone into the 1st place and 2nd place would have been astounding, as each garment would have had to be constructed entirely from Duck brand Duct Tape.

Izzy Bristow and John Dyer were the winners this year, and each received a $3,000 scholarship.  Their school, Lakewood High in Colorado, was also awarded $3,000 to put towards hosting the prom. The pair created matching outfits inspired by the beautiful peacock, while runners up, siblings Maris and Zane Blanchard from Oklahoma took a cue from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ for their Duck Tape Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter prom outfits.

According to an interview with, Maris Blanchard used over 160 feet of Duck Tape in her Queen of Hearts dress.  “It took us about 80 hours of work, over 160 feet of duct tape – layers upon layers – and everything was hand cut out,” Blanchard said. Hopefully she didn’t spend more than her $2,000 scholarship money on Duck Tape.  If you want to see more crazy designs, visit the Stuck at Prom contest website here.