For six months, five days a week from 9-till-5 these denim heads were challenged to not take off their jeans (names are not of big importance in this case).

This small community consists of 30 people who won’t talk or brag about the cause, but most definitely won’t fade into the background either.

What did they wear? Japanese purple ear selvedge on a snug-fit 5-pocket classic base dyed with natural Indigos and some added sulphur contrast, weighing approx 14.5 oz on Day One. As an affable nod and token of affection, all pairs were Amsterdamned, personalized and fitted with some one-off extras. Results vary from what-did-you-do-that-for-?-disappointing to jaw-dropping-stunning, but they all resulted in big smiles. Some considered it a contest, for some it felt like a battle, but most of them just enjoyed breaking in a fresh pair of blues. The nicest jeans deserved some serious attention, and therefore an exhibition at Sid Lee was put together.

The expo opened on Thursday, July 9th. From July 10th – 14th the expo was open to the public. Sid Lee collective, a brainchild of Sid Lee  (the creative incubator at Blue Blood) develops, catalyses, promotes and finances various projects that push the notion of Commercial CreativityTM to its limits.  Blue Blood offers bursaries and support to the artisanswho make their ideas happen, and welcome submissions from external collaborators.

Check it out if you are in Amsterdam: Friday 10th – Tuesday July 14th

Location: Sid Lee Collective, Gerard Doustraat 72-80, Amsterdam