It could be the inevitable outcome of being subjected to the constant onslaught of economic doom and gloom prophecies.  Or my New Year’s resolution to think before I buy might (gasp) actually be working.  I’m not sure.  One thing I am certain of is that recent visits to various sales-ridden websites have left me cold.  I’ll admit that a certain amount of time is spent ogling the reductions, but then, rather than snagging a few steals and deals as I would surely have done in prior years, the virtual stroll through the aisles is followed by me virtuously leaving, empty handed. 

The problem (if not shopping can be classified as a problem) is that most of the pieces on sale can be described by two of the worst words in the English language, “nice” and “cheap”.  Nice, because it’s about as insipid a form of approval as it is possible to utter, and cheap because it’s such a relative term.  An item that started out at $850 now being offered for $220 is, undeniably, massively reduced – but is it “cheap”? 

Of course, this feeling of jaded ennui towards shopping could be the result of this being the second season that we’ve experienced such reductions.  And, as we learned last season, prices can always go lower…who knows, at that point, they may really be “cheap”.