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Who knew that MEXX (a chain that popped up in the UK randomly in Covent Garden when I was about 15), which turned out to be a Netherlands-export selling office basics and not much else…

PLUS EnD, a young Dutch label started by Eva van Overbeeke and Delia Driel that does quirky prints and playful shapes…


Dutch Grazia


A ten piece collection by EnD for Mexx, powered by Grazia, that revolves around clowns. 

This is a bit of a chunky and somewhat confusing equation.  Now of course, seeing as I have that predictable fear of clowns (who doesn’t?!), I was a wee bit freaked out by the make-up.  But the faces themselves on the models aren’t so scary, probably because the menacing grin is abstracted, and gone are the bloodshot eyes and congealed white make-up. 


Mexxend1 Mexxend2

Mexxend3 Mexxend4

All in all, a rather odd mixture of parties involved has turned out to be surprisingly successful.