Spotted: Wendell Ley outside the tents in Bryant Park for NYFW

Occupation: “Freelance fashion designer

Q:  What are you wearing today?

A:  I’m wearing my own label. Or…I’m not wearing any label. Bellbottom khakis with hand sewn African accents, recycled granny skirt under and embroidered patchwork blanket.  A lot of the pieces are recycled – I’m going green.”

Q:  And the hat? 

A:  The crown is all me.  You know in the civil rights song ‘We Shall Overcome’ where we sing, ‘We shall wear a crown / We shall wear a crown someday.’ That is this crown, because that day has come.

Q:  How would you describe your work? 

A:  "When you fall from Heaven to Earth what will you be wearing? Besides a parachute, you’ll be wearing Wendell Ley.”

Photos courtesy of Brendan Sullivan