Although Belgian born Bruno Pieters used to mesmerize us by his technical and beautiful experiments with shapes and proportions, Spring/Summer 2010 did not fully satisfy our appetite for wearable, beautiful, and interesting-looking garments.


In France, Atelier flou is specialized in the making of flowing and draped garments, whereas atelier tailleur is where tailored garments are cut. Bruno Pieters delivered a (too) narrow study of the two creation techniques, in a soft palette of pastels and black and white.


The Show opened with several short dresses in nude shades, displaying bands of loosely pleated fabric across the body and continuing with the introduction of tailored elements as squared shapes (hips of shorts, sleeves of jackets and dresses or neckline of dresses and vests) or organza over layers in organza, where stitching lines were a statement.


The 30 looks missed a few developments. Repetition is essential to make a point, yet when overdone – as when some dresses were repeated twice, only with a change from white to black – our thirst remains unquenched.

Although Bruno Pieters’ study was very good sculpturally, his “dry” approach failed to deliver a collection of garments women would crave.

Photos courtesy of Caroline Rossignol.