If there ever were to be a face of eccentric fashion, it would most certainly be Anna Piaggi. Her dramatic and uncompromising personal style has become legendary in the international fashion world. 

As Creative Consultant to Italian Vogue for the past 21 years, her keen eye and unwavering opinions have shaped both the magazine itself and the world’s perception of Italian fashion. Her monthly double-page spread has become a resource and a vehicle for propelling her ideologies to the masses.  

Never restricted by common writing practices or colloquial viewpoints, her pages are a constant representation of her somewhat fleeting fixations. Her view on designers is not tarnished by current trends or economic factors, but instead her favorite designers flux with her emotions. John Galliano, Dolce & Gabanna, and Chanel have been referenced as some of her favorite labels, all of whom have a very clear and concise point-of-view.  

Her eccentricities run deep, from her hair and make-up choices to the 1969 Olivetti Valentina typewriter she uses to pen her notorious spreads. As one of the last true fashion eccentrics, Anna Piaggi, with her wonderfully idiosyncratic personal style, has influenced a generation of fashion lovers.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.