There are certain things every woman needs — attention, love, good friends… chocolate. But don’t forget about material things.


When it comes to undergarments, a girl can never have enough. After all, there are lots of different occasions that require specific pieces. From bras to panties, here are our picks for the top 10 undergarments that every girl must have.

The Push-Up Bra

Ladies, if you don’t already have one like this, you’re seriously missing out. The Dolce & Gabbana Push-Up Bra ($75 at is not only sexy, it provides a purpose. It’s written in the name — you’ll have cleavage for days with this must!


You’ll need these Calvin Klein Underwear Ultra Low-Rise Hipster with Lace Trim ($6-$12 at for those trendy low-rise jeans you have. And don’t worry about panty lines — these hipster undies are so sheer, no one will be the wiser.

The Slip

Is it just us or have women forgotten all about slips? Time and time again, ladies in skirts and dresses surprise me with their lack of undergarment. This Perfectly Fit Solutions Half Slip ($36 at will keep your skirts and dresses from clinging to your legs, not to mention smooth lines where necessary.

Pooch Shaper

Everyone’s familiar with Spanx by now — they’re the godsend to all women with baggage here and there. For instance, you know that pooch (the area right below your belly button)? It might need a tuck. Consider the Spanx Undie-Techtable Shaper ($30 at It’ll minimize the extra padding.

Something Trendy

Just as ruffles are hot for fall — in dresses, shoes, even headbands — the same trend can be found in frilly panties. We adore the Dotted Mesh Ruffle Thong ($4.99 at They’re so fashion-forward, you might just want other people to see ‘em!

Hanky Panky

And we’re not talking about the act of the “hanky panky.” We’re talking about the brand, Hanky Panky’s Signature Lace Soho Low Rise Thong Set ($49 for 3 at These panties are so light, they’ll feel like you’re not wearing any at all. Ideal under thin pants and skirts, these thongs are perfectly seamless.

Nude Panties

You’re going to need a pair of these Nearly Nude Ultimate Breifs ($27.50 at

The Cotton Bra

Sometimes, it makes more sense to be comfortable. For those days, we suggest the Paige Cotton with Lace Pushup Bra ($29.50 at After all, it is the fabric of our lives.

Something Sexy

Yet sometimes, you just have to be sexy. Leave more than usual to the imagination with the Scalloped Corset ($17.80 at It’s perfect for those romantic nights with your man. Just wear it under a sexy LBD and you’re good to go.


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