There are lots of things you can do with Napoleon Perdis’ new limited edition lip gloss set. 

You could line them up on a bookshelf and pretend that the Art Deco-inspired tubes are actually from the ’20s.

You could wrap a ribbon around them and gift them to your five favorite friends.

You could sniff the fruit-scented formula and pretend it’s still summer.


But undoubtedly, you’ll want to do the obvious and actually use them.

No surprise, since the Deco Deluxe glosses are practically perfect: shiny without being gooey, sheer without being shimmery. The set of five ranges from a glowing Clementine with just enough shine to a baby pink that will give you a ‘60s mod-inspired pout, all infused with jojoba seed oil to help moisturize lips. 

Just don’t be fooled by the gold studs circling the cap.

Though the Deco Deluxe glosses are decidedly upscale, the price tag—$28 for the set of five—isn’t.

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