Shades of Grey: Spring’s Newest Neutral

Shades of Grey: Spring's Newest Neutral

Don't worry if grey isn't the first color that comes to mind when you think of neutrals, you're not alone. The fashion industry has long touted the versatility of cream, white, navy and black, but grey has been mysteriously absent when it comes to neutral ground. Perhaps it's seen as a bit drab, something left for cold weather or rainy days. Thankfully, designers this season are throwing off the clouds surrounding grey and very strongly suggesting that it's more than appropriate for sunshine. I agree. Pair light grey with beautiful pastels and you've grown up your look. Put grey with navy and you've lightened it. Put it with neon and you've got something infinitely more interesting than the standard black backdrop. Pair it with your statement shoes and jewelry for a neutral that can hold its own in a supporting role. Want to see more possibilities? Take a peek at all the shades of grey from the spring runways.