Work It: How To Flatter Your Best Body Part

Zoe Saldana, U.K. premiere of 'Star Trek Into Darkness 3D'

image: Joe Alvarez/

Whether you’re obsessed with your behind or in love with your boobs, style experts tell us how to flatter your shape and play up practically every body part!

Your Upper Midriff

Have a sexy midriff? Then show if off, girlfriend! According to JustFab style expert and celebrity stylist George Kotsiopoulos, the upper midriff (where your ribcage is) is typically the smallest part of your body. "You can accentuate this area by wearing a crop top with a high-waisted skirt,” he suggests. “Whether you go for a glam pencil skirt or a flirty A-line, you’ll still look sexy, but tasteful, by only showing a sliver of skin.”

Short Legs

Sure, a lot of women long for well, long legs. However, with a few simple tricks, your short legs can look runway ready, too! “Most people would think that a smaller girl should wear a really high heel or wedge, which is not always the case, unless the shoes are covered by a pant leg,” says shoe designer Ruthie Davis. “It's all about proportion. If the height of the shoe takes up too large a portion of the leg, it makes the leg look shorter. In other words, a girl with a shorter leg and a very high heel can look unbalanced. The trick is to wear the heel height in proportion to the leg,” she notes. “A sandal or peep-toe heel and an exposed ankle will elongate the leg and is more flattering on most people.”

Long Legs

Finding pants that are long enough for your legs may be a challenge sometimes. That’s why gals with long gams should embrace the maxi trend, explains celebrity makeup artist and style expert, LeAura Luciano. “Try a maxi dress with a dramatic side slit – this trend is better with a bit of length, and it’s a cute leg loving alternative to the miniskirt.”


Lucky you, you’ve been blessed with a stunning set of twins! "When accentuating them, be sassy, not trashy though,” recommends Jennifer Kelton, founder of Dress For The Date. “You don’t want to look like you just stepped out of a strip club, but absolutely get your girls out to play in a sexy tie-front blouse or a tasteful cocktail dress with a plunging neckline.”

A Long Neck

If you have a gorgeous long neck like a ballerina, Jennifer says a silk string cami top is definitely your go-to piece for any occasion. “Emphasize your neck by putting a little sparkling highlight powder on your shoulders. You’ll look ready to dance Swan Lake.”

Your Waist

Blessed with a Marilyn Monroe waistline? Then belts are your new BFF. “Go wide, go narrow, go subtle or go bold,” advises Nancy Lewinter, editorial director of “They especially look great with higher waisted pants and a tunic top.”

Toned Arms/ Shoulders

If you’re toned and have arms like Michelle Obama, then show them off proudly in a sleeveless dress, suggests designer Galina Sobolev, of the clothing line Single. Peek-a-boo tops (tops with sheer sleeves or sleeves that have a slit on the arms) are also a great way to show off toned arms, particularly at work, adds wardrobe stylist Fanny Woo.

A Nice Booty

Bottoms up! If you’ve got that J-Lo thing going on back there, play it for all it’s worth in one of this season’s hottest looks: leather in the front, jersey in the back pants, says Lewinter. “Stretch jeans and jeggings were also made for your body!”

Washboard Abs

Crop tops haven't gone anywhere, and with killer abs, you’ll want to select ones that hit just above or right at your belly button, recommend editors Jennifer and Rahiel of “It screams I'm proud of my work in the gym, but I won't rub it in your face.”