Wardrobe Revamp: Find Your Body’s Best Dress

Every year there's a round of "best for your body" articles that hit the mags and sites. Every year you get advice to dress for your shape or play up your best feature. And every year you (like me) give the information a passing glance and then toss it aside only to spend your next bout of shopping tearing through your favorite trends with no thought to whether your new pieces are flattering you. I'm here to tell you, let this article be the one that changes your shopping perspective. Because you will not believe how your self confidence skyrockets when you're wearing a look that shows what you've got in the best way. You already know what I'm saying is true, because you have a favorite pair of jeans or favorite dress that makes you feel like a goddess. Imagine if that was your entire wardrobe? Not just one or two looks? It's possible. Think about it and get inspiration from these high fashion figure-flattering dresses. 

images: IMAXtree