Why You Need to Master the Colorblocking Trend Now

Fashion folks often use the words “fad” and “trend” interchangeably, but the industry collective sees a very clear difference between the two:

  • Fad: A fashion that is taken up with great enthusiasm for a brief period of time. Key phrase: Fleeting craze.
  • Trend: The general direction in which something tends to move. Key phrase: Staying power.

With regards to the former? Jeggings, harem pants and fur vests come to mind. As for trends, we’ve seen a few emerge over the past few seasons that have continued to become collection mainstays – and my favorite comes in the form of colorblocking.

I’m off to Greece this week for an island getaway and have been hitting retail offerings hard in search of the perfect ensemble. Resort 2014 presentations from Max Mara and Dior inspired me with colorblocking at its best; last weekend, that inspiration fueled some rather hefty credit card purchases in the name of fashion (and my impending Grecian getaway).

“Colorblocking is a minimal and architectural way for me to design mixing colors, but also focus on clean lines and fit,” says designer Ronny Kobo, of Torn by Ronny Kobo. Different from recent trends like cut-outs or sheer, colorblocking is something any woman can try, regardless of age, shape or size. Investing in quality pieces that will carry through seasons (Resort 2014, at least) is a wise move for both your style and your wallet.

“There’s something timeless about bold strokes of color,” Brooklyn-based designer Morgan Carper told me. “You can tone it down with neutrals or do a high-contrast look with bright, vivid colors.” Greece trip or road tip, here are my favorites (including one of Carper’s) to snag NOW.