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7 Ways to Get the Most Wear Out of Your Wardrobe (and Break Your Fast Fashion Addiction)



The average woman only wears a third of her wardrobe on a regular basis. If you constantly find yourself lamenting about having nothing to wear, chances are your overflowing closet is the reason your sartorial sense is in limbo. Considering the time and thoughtfulness invested into curating a closet of wardrobe basics and fashion-forward findings, it's a shame to let them fall by the wayside. Dedicate yourself to changing your clothing care habits and you'll see just how much more wear you'll get from the clothes you already own in your closet.

Give your clothes a new, luxe lease on life by following these insider tips on how to get the most wear out of your clothes and love them for longer!

Shop your closet

It's natural to gravitate towards your most loved and favorite pieces in your wardrobe, but why let all those gorgeous garments with the tags still on go to waste by hanging in your closet day in and day out. Each month, make it a point to shop your closet and select five pieces you haven't worn in the past few weeks and make it your mission to wear them. Work each of these pieces into an outfit over the next month and follow suit for the following weeks. This ground-breaking habit will give you the chance to cycle through your clothes more often and put your true style sense to the test by experimenting with new outfits you never thought of before with pieces you love, but never seem to wear. Another thoughtful tip is to organize your closet by turning hangers one way and after you've worn a garment, place it back on the same hanger except facing in the opposite direction as the rest. This way you'll be able to easily identify which items you've worn recently and which you're just completely ignoring. 

Store garments smartly

Dark, clean and dry are the three most important criteria when it comes to storing your garments smartly. Depending on their needs, fold or hang clothing in such a way that maximizes your wardrobe space. You'll be better off folding any knitwear, as hanging them will cause them to lose their shape, and any finer garments should be hung, as folding and tucking them away is likely to lead to creases. Organize and sort your closet in such a way where you can see everything. If you have everything properly on display it will help you take stock of what you already own so you'll avoid purchasing the same styles over and over again.

Evacuate the comfort zone

Part of the reason we don't cycle and get the most wear out of our clothes is because it's easy to get stuck in the habit of being drawn to old faithfuls. Following a pattern of wearing the same items over and over again isn't exactly putting your styling abilities to the test. You don't have to stop wearing your favorite pieces, but you should try to think outside the box and your comfort zone. Push yourself to try new things often. Your favorite band tee can be tucked into a leather pencil skirt and paired with pumps. Your loyal denim can be teamed with a blazer and a collared shirt for a quintessentially Parisian vibe.

Select quality construction

We know that fast fashion can be hard to resist, but the sentiment of quality over quantity is especially true in the case of garment construction. Imagine a garment running through the washer 100 times? Would it last? To determine this, pay close attention to details that offer insights into whether an article of clothing is made with quality construction or not. Look for tight stitching along the seams, durable seaming and reinforced high-stress areas like the armpits and crotch. Well-made clothing is also often lined to protect the outer layer of fabric from natural body oils that can break clothing down. The key here is to stray away from the disposable clothing mentality of your teens and transition into full-on adulthood by opting for well selected stylish garments.

Avoid dry cleaning when possible

Not only can dry cleaning be costly, it can also wreak havoc on your clothes. It's best to avoid dry cleaning when possible since the harsh chemicals used in many laundry businesses, such as starch, will harm fabrics. An alternative is to steam your clothes at home with a fabric steamer or even in the bathroom during a shower. If clothing absolutely requires dry cleaning, ask the cleaners if it's at all possible to launder your garments with a less stressful option, only if the clothing can handle it.


It's true that over washing clothes can break and wear garments down over time. Over washing also means you're shortening the lifespan of your clothing. But dirt and stains break down fabrics and materials just as quickly. When left in the hamper, your dirty clothes are slowly destroying the fibers of your clothes and transferring on to others, so don't wait to wash them!

Follow label instructions properly

When it comes time to wash, take care in ensuring you follow the label tag instructions properly. It may sound obvious, but chances are you've never even read the garment tags on the inside of the clothing you're currently wearing. Not all clothing is made the same, regardless if you're familiar with the fabric or not, and care instructions can vary from garment to garment. Don't assume or disregard the label! Most manufactured clothing comes with easy-to-read labels you'll be able to follow easily prior to washing. If you want to maximize the longevity of your clothing, simply following the instructions is a surefire way to add months, if not years, to your garment's lifetime.