17 Ways the Hat Will Transform Your Cool Weather Look This Fall

Ralph Lauren Fall 2013, image: imaxtree

Ralph Lauren Fall 2013, image: imaxtree

When was the last time you thought about creating a hat collection? When was the last time you thought of a hat as a serious fashion item? Out of every cold weather accessory at your disposal, the hat alone has the ability to create a certain vibe for a look—or transform it altogether. Think about it: pageboy and newsboy caps give us the feeling of androgynous cool. Slouchy beanies make us think about ultimate casual nonchalance. A fedora lends a feeling of strength and elegance. And something avant garde can prove your fashion bravery, even if you're sporting a simple white button down and black skinny jeans. Not to mention, picking up a few hats is a great way to define your fall/winter style without emptying your checking account. 

In honor of the hat, we've pulled together some of our favorites from the Fall 2013 runways. Anna Sui gave us sweet schoolgirl style that had a decidedly Parisienne feel. BCBG's basic folded over beanies and fresh faced girls had me thinking of the Cali skater life. Nicholas K's hooded sweater was absolutely in a class all its own. And Hilfiger gave a nod to old school style with houndstooth toppers and pristine close cropped knitted caps. 

While each of the hats was tailored to a very specific runway aesthetic, giving cohesion to the collection, they also provide a feeling of their own that you can pair with the looks you already have. Awesome, huh? Keep an eye out for these shapes and colors when it comes to styling your fall wardrobe. You'll love how an often overlooked accessory has the power to express whatever mood you're trying to convey with your outfit.