Fall Micro-Trend: Exposed Zippers

It’s hard to create a new design element on standbys. So often, stocking up on the basics becomes boring. We try to look out for a different detail, whether that be color or print, and find the same old same old. So that’s why exposed zippers on everything from sexy minis and shift dresses to blazers and shells give us goosebumps. It’s a way to inject an unexpected element into your looks without having to overthink it. 

Take a black romper whose pockets have been highlighted with exposed zippers and you’ve got a piece that can be worn to a cocktail party, the club and to less conservative offices with a cardigan and belt. A zippered ankle on a pair of leggings gives them all that much more credibility in the “Are they pants?” debate. Simple crew neck sweaters with a back vertical zipper feel modern and relevant instead of staid and old fashioned. Why not amp up a vegan leather T-shirt with a back zipper, to give the boxy fit a hardcore element?

You get the idea. Exposed zippers are where it’s at right now, and how you’re going to make your basics stand out against the crowd. Another piece that’s asking for the extra zip? Tartan and plaid mini skirts from full on kilts to prints. Check out our favorite pieces in stores right now, and you’ll have a whole new perspective on fall shopping. Give your style some exposure with zippers.