Royalty Ready: The 10 Fall Collections Worthy of a Queen

As New Zealand songstress Lorde put it, we'll never be royals. So it's no surprise that designers indulged in regal fantasy by crowning Fall 2013 the season of opulence. Borrowing from a wide sartorial spectrum of eras gone by, inspired by medieval and Elizabethan dressing, as well as the awe-inspiring artworks of Dutch masters in the 15th century, the fall runways revived a chunk of history known for an air of majesty and nobility. With rich fabrics and tapestries, gilded brocades, plush velvets, ornate embroidery and embellishments, and worldly mosaics reigning supreme this season, the look is decidedly democratic. Additional influences are noted in the luxurious and intricate details of the cut and shape of a garment, including puffy, bell or trumpet sleeves, fitted bodices and high collars that ornately channel medieval fashion themes. While fall was injected with a new nobility, avoid looking like a character out of Game Of Thrones cosplay and make medieval modesty modern day by following suit of these 10 royalty ready collections. 

And Queen for a day? Let me live that fantasy.