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What Your Wardrobe Needs: One Kick-Ass (Faux) Leather Find

Consider that in recent seasons, leather has been on the forefront of fashion like never before, both on the runway and the real way. But real leather can require you to have beaucoup bucks on hand and for some of us, it just isn't ethical when so many quality faux pieces are to be had. That's why we've put together a kick-ass slideshow with kick-ass faux leather pieces we've favorited. The good news is, while we rounded up 20 awesome finds, only one will do you to add a touch of edgy leather-like chic to your wardrobe. 

Whether you're going for an office look and like leather detail, or you're going on a date and want to find that perfect crazy-sexy LBD, you'll have plenty of options when shopping this show. Sweaters with leather sleeves, a futuristic peplum top that looks like it could have walked out of the next TRON movie, a metallic treated tee and so much more are on display.

If you're shopping in-store, seek out pieces that add an unexpected touch, whether it's a moto jacket that's oxblood instead of black or coat that can be taken apart to be a vest and a faux fur shawl, the name of the game is to get something that rings true with your personality and individual style.