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Genius New Ways to Layer Up Without Feeling Loaded Down this Winter

Let's see, you've got your bulky knits, hat, scarf and gloves, which are thick and cumbersome but warm. What if there was a way to layer up on your chicer days and nights without adding all that extra fabric to your frame? You might be surprised how an extra layer of cotton, cashmere and even chiffon will give you warmth during winter months.

Intrigued? Good. We can't all be the mix masters of our dreams, and it's easy to fall into old habits when the skies are gray, so we decided to style a handful of perfectly layered outfits to whet your sartorial appetite. If you're into the grunge revival from Hedi, it might be time to pull out your plaid (we picked an adorable chiffon button down), layer it over a simple cotton dress and underneath a gorgeous soft cropped sweater. Tights and knee-high boots finish off the look. 

More into minimalism? No problem. A bustier over a crisp button down and a pair of jeans is just the thing—with the perfect oversized coat of course. Boho girls are going to love making their favorite floral dress from summer the focal point of a winter layered look.

Here's a touch of advice when you're playing layer-lover in your closet: Limit your outfit to one bulky piece, the rest should be lean, close-fitting and mean. Tights and leggings are interchangeable underneath dresses, especially short ones. Don't be afraid to layer jackets together or a jacket with a coat. Happy mixing!