16 Street Style-Approved Ways to Rock a Crop Top in the Fall

We’re used to suffering in the name of fashion (hello, high heels), but we do have our limits. Freezing our butts off for the sake of style is a step too far. Bare limbs may look cool in snowy street style photos, but not IRL. So when the calendar hits September, we reluctantly pack away our warm weather clothes for more practical styles. You probably say goodbye to your crop top along with your jean shorts, rompers and sandals. But wait! There’s no need to pack away your crop top quite yet.

You can wear your favorite summer staple well into the fall. The key is styling it in a fresh way to suit the new season. Obviously, wearing your crop top with your cutoffs isn’t going to fly, unless you want goosebumps to be the accessory du jour. If you layer and mix your crop top with heavier pieces, you can get even more wear out of it in the coming months. Click through the gallery above to see some street style-approved ways you can wear a crop top in the fall without freezing.

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Images: Imaxtree