Trendspotting in London: Four Ways the Brits Are Doing Fashion Differently



You know how people say that London ladies set fashion trends a year before they reach New York? True or false, they were definitely marching to a different fashion beat while I was visiting last week.

And you know how people also say that women only really dress for women? (It’s the premise behind one of my favorite blogs). Well, I enlisted the help of a typical guy to help confirm the unprofessional sartorial observations below. Read with a grain of salt and dress at your own risk.

1. Sweatpants for day

Coming from the gym or too lazy to get out of your PJs? Who cares! London ladies were spotted rocking classic sweatpants (I’m talking elastic ankles, people) everywhere from Carnaby Street to Camdentown. Most paired sweatpants with a cropped leather jacket and luxe athletic-looking shoes. Any higher of a heel looks a bit silly.

Playing the Game pants by Sweaty Betty, $120

2. Fake hair?

I’m not sure if it’s real locks or merely a hair accessory, but huge, perfectly-coiffed buns were everywhere (including 3 of 4 female attendants on my Virgin Atlantic flight home). It’s a bit of a 60s throwback meets 90s infomercial – I’m not entirely sold.

Who knew Hot Buns was so ahead of its time?

3. Kitschy jumpers

Being that my most recent visit fell over the holidays, designs included snowflakes and Christmas trees but the younger London set (18-24) were rocking kitschy jumpers in full force. My boyfriend’s younger sister got hers from UK retailer Jack Wills, but you can find this “Christmas Sweater”-hybrid at most any thrift store.


Kettering Crew by Jack Wills $59 (on sale)

4. Bold Brows

Keeping with the “bigger is better” hair trend, it seems eyebrows are following suit. It’s a look we’ve been seeing on runways for a few seasons now, but in a more balanced way where models pair major brows with minimal eyes, cheeks and lips. British gals, on the other hand, go for drama all over: think thick eyeliner, colored lids, rosy cheeks and red lip.

Need some eyebrow rehab for 2014?