Tim Gunn: 5 Things Every Woman Should Consider When Getting Dressed



"The biggest mistake a woman can make, in my opinion, is trying too hard."

When getting dressed for the day, there are key things to remember. Below are some useful points to bear in mind.

  1. It's very important to think through all the people you're going to be meeting on the given day. I always tell people that you should dress for the highest level meeting of the day — it's better to be overdressed than to be under-dressed.

  2. Next, consider exactly who the people you are going to be meeting are. For example, I would dress differently if I were to be meeting with the CEO of a home goods company versus Oprah. It's a matter of how much vibrancy to put into your outfit.

  3. I'm very particular about grooming — I’m always talking about the semiotics of appearance. What we wear sends a message about how the world perceives us. When people in the public eye say that those superficial elements are inconsequential or irrelevant to who we are as a person — no they aren’t. These elements are all critically important and reflect how you want to be and are perceived, and for most women, that can change according to what they’re doing on a particular day. So many options are available to people and I think that applies to makeup as well. Your makeup should change in line with how you want to be perceived and what you plan on doing.

  4. Same goes for your accessories. Think about exactly how you want to be perceived.

  5. The biggest mistake a woman can make, in my opinion, is trying too hard. Don't wear name brand everything or try to layer on a million trends to the point where your outfit is screaming for attention. Whoever you're meeting's eyes will become like a ping-pong ball and they will have no idea where to look.