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Katie Cassidy: How to Pack Like a Pro for a Weekend Away



I live on the road. In fact, it is one of my favorite jokes to respond to questions about where I’m from by listing off the address of whatever hotel I am currently staying in. While I’m clearly kidding, it’s a lot easier than trying to explain to whomever I’m talking to about my transient life involving work in Vancouver, business in Los Angeles and Dallas as well as appearances in New York and beyond. Let’s just leave it at, “It’s complicated.”

Needless to say, with all of this relocating, I have become an expert when it comes to packing myself up for time away from home base. The key is to make an effort to pack only things you know you will use — there is no need to play the “but what if I wish I brought this” game. Just be sure the pieces you bring can coordinate and be rearranged to create a new look if need be. When all else fails, take the Chanel approach to packing and, when you are finished, take out the last outfit you packed.

When it comes to fitting the things you need into one suitcase (every girl's worst nightmare), my biggest trick is to keep all hanging items in a garment bag with thin and light hangers, fold the bag over once and fit it into the bottom of your suitcase. This is genius because not only are your clothes not wrinkled, but as soon as you arrive, you can pull the garment bag out, hang it up and half of your unpacking is done! You can also place all the items that don't wrinkle into the nooks and crannies around the garment bag in your suitcase. Roll up jeans and tees and stuff your shoes with socks and underwear to create even more space. Lastly, layer everything else evenly on top to ensure your suitcase will actually close.

This one seems obvious (yet people still don’t do it!), but make sure to pack toiletries in that precious three-ounce size. These days you can pretty much find most of your favorite products in that good ol’ TSA-approved container. I promise you, investing in a miniature supply of your beauty regime will never be a waste of money and certainly not a waste of time when you can fly through security in one organized swoop. There is quite literally nothing stopping you.

Last, but certainly not least, this wouldn’t be a packing guide without sharing my favorite must-have travel items. Bring these along for the most peaceful ride possible:

  • A soft eye mask to get some shut-eye.
  • A travel blanket to stay cozy.
  • Dry shampoo (my saving grace, need I say more?).
  • A cool-kid backpack to fit all my personal things in (of course!). Please don’t be that person who thinks your computer and jewelry are safe in your checked bag…

See you at 30,000 feet!