How to Use Pinterest to Plan Coachella Outfits You Actually Want to Wear

Alessandra Ambrosio in oversized sunglasses and crochet top at Coachella


Let me just put it out there: When the hippies went to Woodstock, they probably didn't use Pinterest to plan their outfits. I'd also guess that not a single one of them had ever never uttered the phrase "festival style."

But you know what? Even the hippies have moved on. Today's youth (by which I mean, "we" — because I'm pretty sure I still count) can harness the power of technology and social networks to style the best damned festival outfits in the whole entire world. We are #blessed. And those of you heading to Coachella this April are doubly #blessed. We spoke with HelloSociety, a Los Angles-based Pinterest marketing and tech agency, to get expert tips on how to mine the social network for Coachella inspiration

"Coachella is huge," said Zoe Waldron, head of social media at HelloSociety. "People are planning what they are going to wear months in advance, and they're using Pinterest to do it."

Coachella fashion, as Waldron defines it, is all about boho chic: "Ask yourself, what would Vanessa Hudgens wear?" The answer is flowy dresses, flower crowns crop tops, high-waisted shorts, fringe and anything DIY. 

"People want to be unique," said Waldron. But how do you find your unique sense of style in a sea of #Coachella Pins? Here's a clever method, courtesy of HelloSociety:

  1. Search Pinterest using keywords like "Coachella," "boho," and "music festival fashion." Limit your search just to boards. 
  2. Without thinking about it too much, quickly "like" all the looks that grab you.
  3. Go through all the Pins you favorited, and Repin the looks you would buy and wear to your own Coachella outfits-dedicated board. (You might want to make the board private, if you don't want anyone to copy your look.)
  4. If the link on the image is broken, you can backwards search: save the picture to your desktop and upload it with Google's "search by image" feature. Then you can either buy the products or make them yourself. 

To get started, Waldron suggests checking out Pinners like Cristina Ramirez (@Crissss), Lauren Zwanziger (@laurenzwanziger), Brittany Cozzens (@BCozzens) and Anna Craft (@AnnaEliz).

You can also follow theFashionSpot on Pinterest, or go straight to our Coachella 2014 board (created using the HelloSociety method outlined above).

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