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4 Ways to Nail the Culotte Trend

culottes on the spring 2014 runways

Emporio Armani, Mulberry, Proenza Schouler, Spring 2014. Images: IMAXtree

Culottes are what your grandma wears when it's hot out, right? They're made of cheap polyester, they're unflattering and they're uncool. Except they were all over the Spring/Summer runways. Maybe it's time for us to forget what we thought about these free-flowing bottoms and embrace the idea that they can be chic.

Culottes help balance out our new crop top acquisitions, they lend flair to a casual look and they can definitely be transitioned from day to night. On top of all that? They're comfortable, too. This is one piece you shouldn't fear. And one trend that's likely to stick around from now until fall. Check out our culotte looks for inspiration and easy ways to adopt this runway style for real life. You'll wonder why culottes were relegated to seniors in the first place, and be glad they're coming out for the fashionably forward.