My Comfort Zone


No matter how I’m feeling on a given day, there’s one thing that I always believe in: it’s important to treat yourself well and kindly. And that’s why I choose cotton panties before I even let myself think about anything else I’m going to wear.

When it comes to underwear, selecting a pair with super-soft cotton fabric is essential — and it doesn’t get any better than Fruit of the Loom. The panty feels great on my skin (I heard that a special softener was added to the cotton to make it even softer) and I love the simple, flattering cuts, which are sexier and lovelier than any elaborately itchy lace thingie.

Comfort is key and that's why I love the new and reinvented Fruit of the Loom cotton underwear, which comes with a plush-lined waistband and a fabric-covered leg, to prevent any kind of pinching or digging.  The panty was also made using a higher-density stitch, making it less see-through, so you don’t have to worry if you get caught with your pants down (stuff happens!). Because whether I’m heading to dinner, wandering through the city with friends, or running off to a work event, I want to focus on the life I’m living, not my underwear.

Dressing for day to night is a concept we’re all familiar with, but living in New York City, there’s another factor to consider when choosing your outfit: if you’re going from one engagement to the next, you have to wear something that makes sense for a broad range of contexts. That’s why I prefer dressing in a way that’s low-key but pulled together.

Like Fruit of the Loom panties, trouser shorts (Ayr, $145) are an essential part of my day-today wardrobe, easy to dress up or dress down, depending on my mood and occasion. I’ve chosen to pair them with a soft pair of opaque black tights (DKNY, $20) and a sleeveless silk blouse in a vibrant royal blue (Everlane, $60). For shoes, I’ve selected a pair of ultra-walkable, 90s-inspired black lace-up boots (Vince Camuto, $99). I’d accessorize this look with a chunky black backpack (ASOS, $65.85) that’s playful and cute, but can fit pretty much everything (I always carry a couple books with me). And as a finishing touch, I’ve chosen a lovely, versatile pair of teardrop brass earrings (Marisa Haskell, $99).


sponsored by Fruit of the Loom