6 Tips to Make Loungewear Look Chic

Get comfortable, it's in fashion. Loungewear is having a major moment right now and not just in the bedroom. Designers pull inspiration from bedroom attire and celebs are embracing the comfy styles and accessorizing to make it their own. Here are a few tips to keep you looking chic, and not like a sack of potatoes, while wearing loungewear. 



1. Practice proper proportions

Don't go baggy all over. If something is loose, make sure something else is tight. Flowy fabrics can be relaxing, but detrimental to your figure. If you're doing a loose pant, make sure your top is more fitted or vice versa. Think about proportion, this will determine if you look fabulous or frumpy.

2. Keep shoes cute

This is the one area you may not want to go too comfortable in. Avoid shoes that feel too casual. This look shouldn't get mistaken for what you'd wear to a midnight snack run. Avoid Uggs, sneakers and plain flip flops. The key to making loungewear look chic is in the shoes. Try a statement shoe — perhaps a brightly-colored strappy sandal or a gladiator pump. Cute flats and sandals work too. Try an ankle-strap flat sandal and avoid anything that looks too much like a slipper.

3.  Add bling

Feel like your outfit is plain or feeling really casual? Accessories really make all the difference, so play up your look with stylish adornments. Elevate the style of a sweatshirt and layer a rhinestone pave statement necklace on top. This trick works all the time. Keep some jewelry in your bag at all times. Then, when you're not loving your look (we've all been there), simply slap on some jewels and you're ready to go.

4. Play up prints



Printed pants, tops, together or separate — it's all a DO. Rocking a print head to toe can be intimidating. Don't let patterns scare you. A sweatshirt and pajama pants feels more stylish in a print than in drab grey. Try a printed kimono with jean shorts and a tee to work in another print or opt for a pant with a pattern (huge right now!). You'll look far more dressed up than you'll feel and pieces like this catch the eye and work as a conversation starter too. 

5. No skimping on hair and makeup

Your hair and makeup can make or break an outfit. Some girls look like they can just throw anything on and look good, right? The right hair and makeup makes the difference. Now I'm not saying go glam, I'm saying don't forget about hair and makeup. Try soft romantic makeup with a sheer kimono or do a red lip and messy waves with sweats. 

6. Add in unexpected fashion

Not feeling "put together" enough? Take a piece that you may not normally wear with sweats and add it to the look, like a blazer, leather jacket, chambray top or flannel shirt. This will add sharp lines to your look, making it feel more tailored, less sloppy. Add a scarf or clutch, or both. Pairing pieces that feel more dressy and stylish will do wonders for your loungewear look.