These Women Prove It: Fashion Is a Form of Self Expression

While we like keeping up with the tastemakers of Fashion Week and what’s hot right now, fashion isn’t about blindly following trends. It takes pizzazz, personality and a strong sense of awareness to understand what true style is. Though it is elusive at best, since it’s always evolving, discovering your signature, personal style is a sure shot way to look and feel your best at all times. The power of good clothes and a feel-good outfit has a totally transformative effect on our confidence – that is for sure. The key: once you’ve nailed down what’s “you” and what isn’t, you can begin to cultivate a closet collection of pieces that flatter and fit your fashion personality – ones that you’ll love forever regardless of what anyone else has to say or even what trend is currently dominating the scene.

Throw caution to the wind when dressing and check out these interpretations of personal style on the street style set for some inspiration on how to make your favorite looks uniquely yours.

images: IMAXtree