Why We’re In Love With the New Statement Earring

Dear statement necklaces,

We've been loving you a long time. And while the Spring 2014 runways gave testament to your endurance, we're sort of thinking we might have a crush on another accessory. It's the statement earring. It's not you, really. It's us. We love the way a chandelier style dangling from our lobes makes us feel like royalty. And the way a huge hoop makes us feel like that city bitch no one dares mess with.

Besides, the neck is one of every woman's best features; the shape of it shouldn't necessarily be overwhelmed in metal or beads. The statement earring draws attention to that delicate skin rather than covering it up. And it's the perfect accessory to add a dressed up feel to the updos we pull together at the last minute. You understand, right? Of course you do. No reason to be jealous, maybe you want to not look at the slideshow below because it's our homage to the best statement earrings we could find. And it's probably going to make a lot of women take up a new attitude for their summer accessories.

Sincerely, tFS.

images: IMAXtree