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How to Master the Mesh Trend for Summer


The best way to show a little extra skin this summer? Mesh! The fabric's sporty and more refined iterations are a perennial must for the season, but sometimes, rocking mesh the right way can be tricky. A few poorly-placed panels can turn a look from chic to skanky in a second. Consider these tips before you shop:

Make sure your bits are covered

Showing a good amount of skin in a mesh piece is guaranteed to be sexy, but if you're going to show a lot off, make sure the parts that count are still covered. If you want to be a little more revealing underneath without being too scandalous, look for mesh patterns that are more obscuring. And of course, wear the proper concealing pieces underneath if you're wearing a full-mesh piece.

Panels are your friend

Who doesn't love a little peekaboo? If you're not the type to go full-on mesh, a sleeve or a few well-placed sheer stripes can add a stylish touch to a piece.

Refine your sportier pieces

If the mesh you're working with is athletic-inspired, pair that piece with something more refined or particularly feminine. It'll make you look less neighborhood dodgeball scrimmage and more Alexander Wang sports luxe.

Wear the right bra

Nothing is worse than seeing someone wearing sheer shoulders with their bra straps peeking out. Keep your look seamless and wear a bra that best fits with your look. You might have to do a little shopping, but you'll love the outfit more if you're wearing the right undergarments.