6 Tips on How to Wear All-White Everything

Rocking all white outfits is no easy feat. It requires white or nude undergarments and a few other key tips to ensure your look is white hot verses not. 

1. Try different textures

Want to make this monochromatic look anything but boring? Mix and match textures. Mix a white jean with a tank top and knit kimono for an all-white take on casualwear. The varying fabrics add style while keeping with the sophistication of the monochromatic look.

Khloe Kardashian white at the airport


2. Match your whites

Believe it or not, there is more than one shade of white: Winter white, ivory and many more tones, but they don’t always compliment each other. Whenever you’re rocking a monochromatic ensemble, keep the tones in mind. You can mix shades but let your eye be the deciding factor. Before walking out, stare at your outfit in various lighting (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, outdoors, whatever). Do the shades work together or does one white look so bright that it makes the other almost look dirty? Be mindful of how your whites work together.

Donna Karan, Spring 2013 white look

Donna Karan, Spring 2013; imaxtree

3. Add in neutrals

All white (including shoes, bag, nails) can be a little daunting. I mean, how are you going to stay clean and live life in an outfit that’s a magnet for dirt? Not sure which shoes to pair with your white attire? Nude or silver pumps act as a neutral and still preserve the monochromatic style.

4. Break it up with accessories

Accessories are gifts from the gods to make us feel special and show ourselves love. I made that up, but it sounds true, doesn’t it? But seriously, accessories make or break an outfit. Let white attire be the backdrop and create art with accessories. Add a boho necklace to keep it beachy or try dainty pieces for an understated look that lets you be the focal point.

5. Tan a day or two before

White really pops when you look sunkissed, but fake baking is the only way to go. Stay safe and get glowing sans the sun with a spray tan or self tanner at least 24 hours before. A few hours is not enough time for the tan to really take to skin, and bathing is required after using tanning products before you wear all white. Bronzer lotions and makeup rub off easily and you know what that means, a white-hot mess. Plan ahead and get bronzed a day or two before you slip into white. It will keep clothes clean and your tan intact.  

Rachel Zoe, Spring 2014 white look

Rachel Zoe, Spring 2014 – Imaxtree

6. Do your hair and makeup

The amazing thing about this trend is that it puts the focus on you. Go fun and trendy with a bright lip, sleek with a metallic eyeliner, or go with matte makeup and keep it neutral and natural to highlight just how fabulous you are. 

If you prefer spending time on your hair, do a braid, bun, loose waves, or whatever you’re feeling. Your hair and makeup get more attention when your outfit is simple and chic, so leave enough time for your beauty routine.