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The Four Looks Guaranteed to Get You Through Every Summer Party

Summer is the time for invitations to start rolling in. Our event notifications on Facebook are on high alert, Paperless Posts are clogging our inbox and for each party, we want to come up with the perfect look to end all looks. But who has the time to hit the stores for each affair? What we really need is to streamline and strategize four looks for all of our party needs since we already have a fantastic dance-till-dawn dress as well as a sleek, silky top perfect for pairing with skinny trousers and great accessories, which can work for rooftop cocktails or a gallery opening.

Check out the outfits we're using as inspiration to maximize our style and our time. From daytime minimalism to simple colorblocking that puts a twist on standard black and white fare — we can just raid our own closets instead of going out shopping. We're guessing you can, too.