Kristin Cavallari: 9 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Own

Kristin Cavallari

image: Getty

You can’t build a house without the proper tools, so what makes you think you can build a perfect wardrobe without a few well-placed pieces? Every girl deserves to look stylish, but in order to do that, you’ve got to have the right stuff in your arsenal that will help you turn out a fabulous look with little effort. It’s all about getting the right basics to build that foundation. Getting dressed should not be hard, and being well-dressed shouldn’t be an ordeal–there’s an easy way to create a whole look without having to spend the day planning what to wear. Below, nine essentials you can wear with almost anything that you’ll definitely need in the closet of your dreams:

  1. Skinny jeans in black or traditional blue
  2. A leather jacket
  3. A white T-shirt
  4. A little black dress (of course)
  5. Nude and black heels
  6. A great pair of booties
  7. A classic black blazer
  8. A versatile scarf that you can wear with a T-shirt when it’s warm or in winter with a coat
  9. A black romper (it can be dressed up or down)

Take it from me, these are the pieces that will save your life and make you look put together for every occasion. You can dress up a T-shirt with a blazer and a scarf, or add a bit of edge to a simple black romper with a great pair of stompers.