Hey Big Spender! Here Are Fall’s 13 Most Outrageously Expensive Items

expensive fall items

Fashion isn’t cheap. If you want the newest bags, shoes and coats of the season, you may have to decide between your rent and your wardrobe. Sure, you can buy a discounted version of last season’s wares courtesy of sample sales. But wouldn’t it be fabulous to not only buy full price, but pre-order? We can dream.

But beyond that $2,000 bag and $1,200 pair of shoes are items that only a select few can buy. These are the dresses, jackets, coats and bags that can cost up to half (or more) of your (and our) year’s salary. Call us aspirational, but we couldn’t help rounding them up. (And we’re not alone — there’s an entire thread in our forums dedicated to these ultra premium goods.) Consider this the one percent of fashion items. The next time you want to look like a million bucks, you’ll know where to look. 

Click ahead, but you may want to put your credit card away — unless it happens to be a black Amex. Now then, we’re off to play the lotto if you need us.