Runway-Inspired Ways to Wear White This Winter

Winter Whites

Image: IMaxTree

For centuries, the color white has symbolized profound meaning: Completion, purity, rebirth, innocence and wholeness. It’s the color of wedding dresses and the garb of goddesses. So, it’s no surprise that designers looking for creativity followed the light, as it were, and embraced winter whites for Fall 2014. From Ralph Lauren‘s head-to-toe ski bunnies to Roberto Cavalli‘s 20s flappers, the runway was whitewashed with neutrals. 

The key to pulling off white this winter is texture. Play with combinations of wool, Merino and cashmere. Pair nubby cable-knits with delicate silks and faux fur with slinky satin. And if too much white is throwing off your goth game, creamy accessories are a safe bet.

Check out the gallery below for endless ways to look white hot this winter.