5 New Ways to Wear Leggings for Fall 2014

Images: Imaxtree 

Leggings have taken on a life of their own. Remember when they were just that balled-up blob in your dresser drawer that you grabbed when you were pretending to work out? Now you can google “leggings” and you’ll find every article imaginable, including “How Accepting Leggings as Pants Made Me a Better Feminist.” We couldn’t make that up if we tried.

Here’s the deal. You’re not a newbie, and you’ve probably owned leggings for as long as you’ve been throwing back cake-flavored shots with girls who smell like Clinique Happy, but how you wear the snugly staple is a whole new ballgame. Because what may have worked in 2004 ain’t cutting it in 2014, sister. Above, how to wear leggings the right way.