The SRSLY Girls Team Up with LOFT for a Series of Hilarious Holiday Shorts


The holiday season tends to be a stressful time for a lot of folks, but this year, LOFT wants you to laugh through it all. The retailer’s tapped funny gal duo SRSLY to do a few short sketches depicting all the dilemmas and troubles that come with being a regular girl during the holidays. Trying stuff on in the fitting room that can’t fit (probably because you’ve been eating too many delicious seasonal sweets), painfully boring holiday parties with poorly-dressed guests, making boyfriends out of cookies because you don’t have one IRL. All the stuff that makes you crazy during the month of December, Alexandra Fiber and Danielle Gibson wrap up in hilarious videos that will make you not feel so bad about making up excuses to stay in on the night your homie’s throwing her ugly sweater party.

We caught up with the girls to get a few more deets on the comedy shorts, their holiday wishlists and settle the competition between eggnog and hard cider.

theFashionSpot: How did you come up with the ideas for the sketches?

Alexandra Fiber and Danielle Gibson: We tried to think about what we loved most about the holidays. And ranking waaaaay higher than family or giving was cookies and puppies. 

tFS: What’s the most awkward holiday party situation you’ve been in?

AF: Trying to get home after a New Year’s Eve party when it was snowing and I opted for no tights. That was a mistake!

DG: Frankly, ALL holiday parties are awkward if the Home Alone soundtrack isn’t playing and there aren’t enough cheese platters to go around.

tFS: How do you liven up a boring party?

AF: Music! No tunes equals no party. And after 11 p.m., just order a bunch of pizzas. Everyone loves pizza, but they especially love impromptu pizza parties. You’ll be a legend. People are still talking about a pizza party I threw in 2007. 

DG: I force everyone into playing a game that’s easy enough for everybody to understand, but competitive enough that people’s true colors come out. Celebrity is my game of choice. People will leave the party with new best friends, and new lifetime enemies. 

tFS: What’s on your wishlists this year?

AF: A MoviePass membership, pods for my espresso machine and sweatpants that are baggy enough to wear over my workout pants when it’s freezing, but are still flattering. 

DG: I’m desperate for an electric toothbrush. I had about six cavities and one root canal this year, so I’m convinced going digital will solve all of my dental woes. 

tFS: If you had a gingerbread cookie-eating contest, who would win?

DG: Alex would win because she would want it more. 

AF: It’s true. I am very competitive, and my teeth are stronger than Danielle’s.

tFS: Eggnog or hard apple cider?

AF and DG: Cider! Ain’t nobody got time for nog. 

tFS: If you could invite any celebrity to your holiday party, who would it be?

DG: Oprah. You know she’d bring a tight hostess gift. 

AF: The Muppets. You know they know how to party. 

tFS: What was the best part about working with LOFT on this series?

AF and DG: The freedom! LOFT basically asked us to make videos about the holidays, and there were no more rules — it was easy to write and play and we love the finished products. 

Watch one of the videos below, and view the rest at LOFT’s dedicated site.