The Best Jeans for Your Body Type

Calvin Klein Jeans Fall 2014; Image: Calvin Klein Jeans

Calvin Klein Jeans Fall 2014; Image: Calvin Klein Jeans

Jean advertisements could not be further from reality. Take, for instance, the Calvin Klein Jeans Fall 2014 campaign. How many times have you tried on boyfriend jeans only to find yourself lounging in the arms of a shirtless Matt Terry? The reality is far more disappointing.

For most of us, looking for denim that fits and flatters feels more like searching for an elusive baby unicorn. If it hugs the hips, it doesn’t fit in the waist. It’s too long, it’s too short. It gaps at the top or sags at the bottom. And that’s if we’re even lucky enough to get them on and buttoned, which usually involves an intricate dance that looks like a cross between Zumba and Prancercise. Enough is enough. We’re taking the guesswork out of jean shopping and getting down to business with a breakdown of how to flatter your body type. Frankly, it was either this or therapy.

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