15 Packing Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2014; Image: Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Spring 2014; Image: Louis Vuitton

Packing is an art form as old as time. If you’ve ever played Tetris with your shoe collection or sat on your suitcase to close it, you know that the common fold ‘n’ go won’t cut it. You need packing tips and tricks bordering on miracles. Thankfully, you’re in luck. 

1. For quick weekend jaunts, pour a small amount of liquid makeup into contact lens cases instead of taking the full bottles.

2. Place your warm straighteners or curling irons inside an oven mitt to prevent anything in your suitcase from melting or burning.

GIF: Konbini

GIF: Konbini

3. Stuff your delicates inside your handbags to maximize space.

4. Keep all your loose phone cables and chargers in a slim sunglasses case to keep everything in one place.

5. To stop spilling liquids once and for all, cut a small square of Saran Wrap, secure it on top of an open bottle, then screw the lid on. 

6. Lay your jewelry out flat between two sheets of plastic wrap. It’ll save space and prevent your baubles from getting tangled mid-flight. A weekly pill container also works wonders.

7. Store bobby pins in a Tic Tac case to keep from losing them.

8. Roll up your belts in a circle and stick them inside your button-down shirts to keep the collars stiff.

9. Store your shoes in a shower cap to keep dirty soles away from your clean clothes. Then stuff socks, odds and ends, and noncombustibles inside your shoes.

10. If you’ve lost your razor blade cover, use a small binder clip instead, so you avoid any mishaps.

11. Long vacations call for air compression bags, which are great for keeping wrinkles at bay.

12. If you’re packing powder compacts, place a cotton ball inside each one. It’ll prevent the makeup and the mirror from breaking.

13. Use empty ChapStick tubes to hide valuables. It works every time.

14. Tightly roll your clothes instead of folding them to optimize space.

15. The best way to pack blazers is to turn them inside out and roll them to decrease the likelihood of creases or stains.