13 Workwear Essentials Every 20-Something Should Own

When dressing for your nine-to-five starts to feel like a job in and of itself, it’s time to take stock of your closet. Chances are you’re missing some of the key elements that’ll make your morning routine a whole lot easier. Whether you work in a creative field or a corporate office, the best place to start building your work wardrobe is with a solid foundation. Zero in on quality basics in neutral colors that go with everything. That way you get more bang for your buck and avoid “does this go with that” guessing games. Focus on fit, invest in a tailor and be strategic about where you cut corners. For instance, you can save money by purchasing a lower-priced white button-down, but when it comes to cashmere sweaters, you get what you pay for. Once you have your basics down pat, you can add in more vibrant colors, patterns and seasonal trends. Ready to begin? 

Click on the slideshow above for 13 work fashion essentials that every 20-something should own.