Celebrity Fashion Stylist Daniela Jung Dishes Spring Style Inspiration

Military Trend seen on Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 runway

Military Trend seen on Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 runway; image: Imaxtree

Daniela Jung got her start at German Vogue, where she worked as an assistant. Swiftly working her way up, Jung has gone on to style covers for some of the biggest names in the fashion editorial space, including W, ELLE and Nylon. In the process, she’s styled countless celebrities and even worked with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on their coffee table book, Influence. We caught up with Jung in between shoots to get her take on style inspiration and spring trends.

theFashionSpot: Do you think runway shows are still the biggest drivers of trends?

Daniela Jung: I do think runway shows are still a great way for designers to present their vision — I love that so many brands now livestream, which makes fashion shows more accessible. That said, I think there are way too many shows and presentations on the NYFW schedule. Especially for young designers starting out, I’m not sure it’s necessary to stage a show, as it’s hard to compete for the attention of journalists and editors that will focus on the major shows. 

tFS: Which Spring 2015 fashion trends are you most excited about?

DJ: I love that fringe is having a moment and not in the typical boho way, but more cool, urban and sophisticated. I’m also excited that we saw a lot of military influences on the runways. 

tFS: What about shoes? What are the big trends on that front?

DJ: It seems that sneakers are here to stay, as every designer brand is introducing new versions as well as athletic brands doing reissues of older styles and celebrity collaborations with people like Kanye West. I’ve been also seeing a lot of mules and — with the resurgence of the 70s — clogs are making a serious comeback.  

Mules from Proenza Schouler Spring 2015; Image: Imaxtree

Mules from Proenza Schouler Spring 2015; Image: Imaxtree

tFS: Any “must-have” accessories?

DJ: I think every girl needs a great bag, my personal faves are tote bags as well as bucket bags, which have seen a resurgence lately. 

tFS: Any runway trends you saw this season that you’re hoping never make it as a trend?

DJ: I’m not a huge fan of culottes as they simply don’t work on many women… I’m also kind of over the “all-white” trend. It always looks amazing on the runway, but I don’t know anybody who actually wears all white in real life, especially if you live in New York!

Daniela Jung

Daniela Jung

tFS: What do you consider a spring must-have, no matter the year?

DJ: Personally, I live in jeans and in T-shirts, so I always replenish my denim in spring with lighter washes and new cuts. A great blazer and motorcycle jacket are also fantastic spring staples since you can dress them up or down and they’re great for layering. As for shoes, spring is a great season for sneakers and ankle boots, especially if you’re like me and on your feet all day. 

tFS: What celebrities do you think most influence trends?

DJ: I’m not sure celebrities have that much influence anymore compared to the past — there are so many street style bloggers now that have a huge audience, which kind of democratized fashion. That said, I think Rihanna is probably the one celeb that people really pay attention to, as she is not averse to taking risks and can pretty much wear anything and make it look cool. She also wears a lot of young, emerging designers and streetwear brands, which her fans can relate to. 

tFS: Any tips for women looking for spring style inspiration? 

DJ: Personally, I still like looking at magazines for inspiration. I also like that brands like Net-a-Porter, for instance, that publish a magazine The Edit, which showcases styles that are available on their site. A lot of my friends also love Pinterest, which I don’t use. But I do like Instagram, especially as a source for new brands and designers. 

tFS: For someone on a budget, how can shoes and other accessories work to update an old outfit? 

DJ: Sometimes a heel or belt with a bold color can immediately change the feel and shape of the outfit. Also, wearing an “older look” with an unexpected shoe can give it new life — think pairing a floral boho-type dress with a super urban sneaker instead of boots or sandals. I also love experimenting with sunglasses, there are so many great styles to choose from that can totally change the vibe of an outfit.

tFS: What are your favorite cities for fashion inspiration?

DJ: I love New York, of course, and Berlin as well, but I do work a lot in Los Angeles and really love the vibe there. You still find cool subcultures and really interesting personal style, as people are not as much influenced by trends as in other big cities. LA is having a moment.