Made in the Shade: 11 Hats to Wear to Coachella

On behalf of music festival-goers near and far, we beseech you: Please put down the flower crowns, and slowly back away. Their time has come to an end. Even Courtney Love has had enough. Last year, the Hole singer had some, well, choice words about the matter in an interview with And we quote: “I’m gonna say something, and I’m gonna stand by it, which is this: Flower crowns are over. F**k flower crowns. If I see one more f**king flower crown, I’m going to kick someone’s ass.” That about sums it up.

In lieu of a floral garland, stick with a traditional music festival hat this year. You can’t go wrong. They’ll keep your face shaded and prevent the top of your head from being burned in sweltering temperatures. Plus, they’ll thwart the wrath of Courtney Love. Who doesn’t love a two-for-one?