Finally! An On Demand Cobbler Concierge Service for Our Shoes

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There are three things we’ve always wished for: world peace, unlimited frequent flyer miles and an on demand cobbler who could cater to our every whim. Today, one of those wishes has come true. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Cobbler Concierge, a bespoke luxury shoe and handbag service that delivers straight to your door. 

Now, before you get all up in arms about cheating on your shoe guy, you should know that the founders of Cobbler Concierge teamed up with the Rocco’s, a fourth generation cobbling family that’s been voted one of the best cobblers in the world by Town & Country. They have over 80 years of experience and can fix anything under the sun.

Cobbler Concierge

Cobbler Concierge; Image: Courtesy Cobbler Concierge

Here’s how it works. First, you place your order online: recoloring, stretching, heal repair, what have you. No matter what you choose, the fee is a flat rate. (The first pair of shoes is $85 and additional shoes are $40.) Then, the Cobbler Concierge will send you a package with a shipping label for you to wrap and send your shoes to their workshop in New York City free of cost. Once your order is ready, the shoes will be sent back to you, good as new. Who’s excited?