Knitted Tops: The Love List

Because it’s such a hard transition from summer to autumn, we suggest you take things, namely your wardrobe, slowly while making the move. Rather than go out and stock up on heavy coats and chunky sweaters, keep in mind that the weather’s going to take a while to fully settle into chilly mode.

One of the best ways you can do this is by changing up the fabrics of your current clothing staples. Start looking to knitted tops which will suit your temperamental surroundings, and layer up when necessary. There’s nothing worse than having a massive, cosy jumper on when the sun rears its beautiful head. You should be loving that shine, not sweating up a storm because you’ve only got a cami on underneath.

A knit top will meet you half way, and will slowly ease you into the colder months. Oh, and it feels nice and cosy on your skin, too.