22 Beautiful Alternatives to a Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamonds aren’t always a girl’s best friend. If you’re looking for a beautiful engagement ring that veers from tradition, there are plenty of options that thankfully don’t involve a cubic zirconia. For instance, white topaz and white sapphires closely resemble diamonds. On the plus side, they’ll be more affordable. On the downside, they won’t refract as much light, which means they don’t typically have as much sparkle. Morganite is another good alternative. It’s a light rose or peachy gemstone that’s gorgeous, but to get a great quality morganite, you may be shelling out as much as you would for a diamond. And you’ll have to be diligent about polishing the stone regularly since it tends to dull quicker than its flashy cousin. Of course, there are always colorful stones to consider, from rubies and emeralds to amethysts and citrines. The sky’s the limit!

For 22 non-diamond engagement rings that will make saying “yes” easy, click on the gallery above.